Tours of the most interesting places in Krakow and the surrounding area will make your stay unique and unforgettable.

Auschwitz Birkenau
The Auschwitz Birkenau Museum commemorates the most horrible thought-out and organized death factory in history, which was the German concentration camp in Oświęcim. On site, each of us has the opportunity to get to know and think through the darkest corners of the human soul and the actual effect of their implementation. Everyone should visit this place so that the darkest page in the history of mankind will never be repeated.
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Kopalnia soli "Wieliczka"
The only salt mine in the world preserved in such excellent condition. See why it was included in the first UNESCO World Heritage List and why it attracts more than a million tourists every year. “The historic Wieliczka Salt Mine is the only mining facility in the world operating continuously from the Middle Ages to the present. Its original excavations (walkways, slipways, mining chambers, lakes, shafts), with a total length of around 300 km, are located on 9 levels, reaching 327 m deep and illustrating all stages of the development of mining technology in particular historical epochs.” This fragment comes from justification for the entry of the Wieliczka Salt Mine on the first UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List on September 8, 1978 as one of the first 12 sites from around the world. Indeed, the history of Wieliczka, dating back to the Middle Ages, is a reflection of the development of mining techniques, the shaping of work organization and management, and the emergence of legal regulations in the mining industry.
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The magical Old Town in Krakow
The Royal Road, leading from the St. Florian’s Gate through the Main Square to the foot of the Wawel Hill, is a beautiful route that is a must-see for every tourist visiting the former capital of Poland. Along the Royal Road, you will have a chance to see the beautiful, historic churches, important for the history of the city: St. Mary’s and St. Peter and Paul’s, as well as admire the beautiful architecture of the Main Square with its central point - the Cloth Hall, housing an underground museum. The Royal Road ends at the Wawel Hill with the towering Royal Castle, which was the seat of Polish kings until the 17 th century, in our country’s glory days, finding its reflection in the architecture and richness of the castle together with the cathedral, courtyard and chapels as the final resting place of kings.
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Visiting Kazimierz
Kazimierz to historyczna żydowska dzielnica Krakowa. Małe uliczki, urocze podwórka i place tej części miasta pełne są unikatowej żydowskiej architektury. Kazimierz swoją nazwę wziął od króla Kazimierza Wielkiego, któremu zawdzięcza swoje istnienie. W dalszym biegu dziejów miejsce to stało się częścią Krakowa, obecnie tętniącą życiem dzięki wielu wydarzeniom kulturalnym, a także dużej liczby restauracji i knajp. Podczas wycieczki można usłyszeć wiele ciekawych historii związanych z tą dzielnicą, zwiedzić liczne synagogi, cmentarz żydowski oraz słynną, dzięki filmowi Stevena Spielberga, fabrykę Oskara Schindlera.
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Tours of the most interesting places in Krakow and the surrounding area will make your stay unique and unforgettable.
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